Hot Tamales with an
Authentic New Orleans Flavor
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Hot Tamales in Gretna, Louisiana

Add some spice to your day with delicious hot tamales and old-style chili from our store in Gretna, Louisiana. Since 1984, Old Style Hot Tamales has been serving up some of the most delicious hot tamales from our corner carts. With multiple locations to best serve you, fresh hot tamales are never far away. Contact us at (855) 533-2037 for more information about our complete menu.

Hot Tamales
Served in rich gravy, our beef hot tamales are hand rolled with special seasonings that are sure to make your mouth water before every delectable bite. Our tried and true recipe has allowed us to create extraordinary hot tamales in the New Orleans area for more than 50 years and continues to win more and more people over with every dinner. Delivery services are also available for local businesses.

Wild Game Tamales
Old Style Hot Tamales also can prepare Wild Game Hot Tamales (Venison, Hog, Eland, etc....).  You supply us with your choice of wild game for your individual order. These Hot Tamales are bagged exactly like our regular Hot Tamales and are packaged in dozen bags with gravy. Wild Game Hot Tamales can be ordered spicy or  mild. Contact us if you are interested in ordering Wild Game Hot Tamales or Wild Game Chili.

Special Offer, Hot Tamales in Gretna, LA

Wholesale Services
To make it even easier for you to get the great taste of our hot tamales, Old Style Hot Tamales has started packaging and selling our great products to stores in Louisiana. These great products come in half dozen, dozen, and 2-dozen bags and can be easily warmed up in the microwave. We provide the same great care when creating our wholesale tamales as we do with every tamale we sell at any of our 6 locations on the West Bank.

Contact us at (855) 533-2037 to order hot tamales for your store. Delivery services are available for local businesses.